Mental health change manager
Pauline sabellano

Mental Health Change Manager, Pauline Sabellano

October is Mental Health Month, so we’ve put the staff spotlight on our Mental Health Change Manager, Pauline Sabellano.

Pauline has always had a strong passion for helping individuals achieve positive mental health outcomes. Having supported the redevelopment project as a Nurse Unit Manager from the Birunji Unit at Campbelltown Hospital, Pauline brought her broad experience to our Project User Groups (PUGs) to help plan for the integrated mental health care services that will be a feature of the new clinical services building.

With previous experience working on the Birunji (youth mental health service) redevelopment, Pauline has now taken on the role of Mental Health Change Manager within the Campbelltown Hospital Redevelopment project team.

“I have always believed that providing excellent care to others is about looking after yourself and your team”, Pauline said

“To increase positive outcomes for our consumers, we must all work together and look after one another”

“The Redevelopment will enhance the care for our consumers and provide staff increased connection to facility by having the services integrated in to the new clinical services building”.

The mental health units are expanding to meet the needs of our growing population. The expanding team will include clinical psychologists and exercise physiologists to enhance the holistic view of care and tailor care to the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of the consumer.

Pauline’s skills and experience have been an asset to the redevelopment team, with her work informing and shaping the mental health services that will be provided in the new Clinical Services Building.

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