Lyrebird motif IS now on full display

Lyrebird motif is now on full display

Our impressive new clinical services building is emerging from behind the scaffolding, with almost one third of the façade now unveiled, including the artist’s impression of the lyrebird totem that features on the northern and southern face of the 12-storey building.

The artistic representation of the lyrebird that is featured on the northern and southern facade of the new 12-storey clinical services building was created through direct consultation with local Aboriginal community members.
The artist’s impression of the Dharawal area totem acknowledges the local Indigenous community and pays tribute to the Cumberland Plain that surrounds Campbelltown Hospital.
An earth-toned colour palette was suggested by Aboriginal health employees as it closely resembles the lyrebird’s natural colouring, and the motif was developed to incorporate a female and its chick as a reflection of care and nurturing.
The curved metal surface of the façade signage acts to catch the light during the day and is backlit at night, representative of the sun and moon.