Shiny new façade revealed

The new clinical services building now on full display

The shiny façade of the new clinical services building is the newest addition to the Campbelltown skyline. With 60 per cent of the scaffolding removed, the exterior of the impressive building will soon be on full display.

Designed by Billard Leece Partnership, the new façade and built form of the hospital is intended to capture and enhance Campbelltown’s natural surroundings. Metal panels, porcelain tiles and compressed fibre cement were chosen to visually and textually represent the three distinct layers of the Cumberland Plains Woodland: the canopy, the mid-story shrub and the ground cover layer.

The exterior of the building’s lower levels draw inspiration from the mid-story shrub and ground cover, with the matt and metallic porcelain tiles of varying earthy tones aiming to connect the build with the local geology of sandstone shale and native grasses.

The silvery greys and ranging golden shades at the top of the 12-storey building represent the upper stories of the bushland ‘canopy’. Inspired by the changing colour of the foliage, the material used will catch light and change appearance throughout the different times of the day.

The unveiling of the new clinical services building is an exciting milestone for the project and a very visual sign of the world-class health care and enhanced services coming to the Campbelltown and Macarthur region.