Green light for new rooftop helipad

The first helicopter landed on the new clinical services building rooftop helipad in late March, with the trial flights enabling a crew of technicians to confirm that all equipment and lighting is working as expected to accommodate future landings.  

Aviation consultant Jeff Stark, worked on the design of the new rooftop helipad. Having more than 40 years’ experience in aviation with the Australian Army, Jeff worked to plan and design the markings, lighting, position and operations. 

To ensure the best landing and take-off positions are marked for pilots, Jeff had to research weather patterns for the Campbelltown region, as well as future development plans that might impact landing directions and access. 

“In order to determine the best flight paths for helicopters, I had to examine building layout, especially the position of the lift core; long-term development plans for the campus; obstacles in the wider area; as well as look into the wind patterns for the past 25 years for the region,” Jeff said.  

“These trials are the culmination of extensive planning, design and investigation into all aspects of safety, operations, access and systems integration in the new hospital and I’m joyed that the new helipad has received the green light.” 

The helipad will be supported with high speed lifts that connect directly to the Emergency Department and theatres, ensuring the quick and safe movement of patients requiring immediate assessment and treatment.

Check out the impressive landing and take-off in the below video.