dedicated artwork for the children's unit

Artwork by Erica Seccombe in the Children's section of the Emergency Department

The arts is an important part of the hospital’s redevelopment and our extensive arts strategy focuses on celebrating the local environment. To make the Children’s unit even more special, artist Erica Seccombe has developed a unique plan across all three levels. 

Working closely with local community members and First Nation Elders in public workshops, drawings of native animals local to the Macarthur region were created and will complement illustrations of Eucalypt, Lilly Pilly and native currant foliage. 

Similar to a game of hide and seek, children will be able to spot common wombats, sugar glider possums, blue tiger butterflies and more. Brightening the space, the playful illustrations will provide comfort, delight and interest to patients and families, many of whom spend long periods of time in the hospital.