Building name change

Website-page-content_851x360px_buildnamechange.jpgWe know you already know that A BIG CHANGE is coming, but are you aware that this also means the building names will change too?

The name change will help simplify wayfinding throughout the new and existing buildings, creating 
a streamlined solution to navigating such a large, state-of-art facility.

Once opened, the new clinical services building will become known as Building A and current Building C will be demolished in the future, seeing the current Building A renamed Building C.

There will be a transition period during the move where we’ll have duplicate building names in operation. We will keep you posted on how that will be managed closer to the date. 

Check out the image above and below to understand A BIG CHANGE that’s occurring and just know that A B C is as easy as 1 2 3 (apologies for the ear worm).