Precision planning puts our patients first - welcome to D3d

A mountain of planning and teamwork continues to pay the highest possible dividend across Westmead Health Precinct – quality treatment for patients, their families and carers.

The Close Observation Unit's (COU) move to the newly refurbished D3d in Westmead Hospital was performed with clinical precision after a carefully orchestrated program of collaboration.

The relocation from A3c was completed successfully thanks to extensive preparation from the department and staff including a relocation plan involving relevant clinical teams and Westmead Redevelopment.

The move included the relocation of a number of patients within the General ICU zone and from B5b, with E3c reopening a number of beds.

Every consideration was taken into account to ensure minimal disruption.

Acting Nurse Educator for Division 1 (Surgery and Anaesthetics) Maridy Morrison said extensive consultation before the big day ensured a far smoother transition.

And Maridy should know. She was team leader 19 years ago when A3c was first developed and welcomed Surgical High Dependency from C3c (currently Neurotrauma).

This most recent move underlined the importance of support and teamwork.

“It means everything’s considered,” Maridy said. “Not only the clinical aspect but also the movement – making sure we have wards people, patient flow is understood, telephone numbers are the same…

“This was a controlled move. Everyone knew where they were going and what they had to do.”

High on her list to praise was the Westmead Redevelopment team.

“It was really nice to know they were there,” she said. “You could ask them a question and things weren’t a problem. It was fantastic to have someone to go to. They were amazing.

“It allowed nurses to concentrate on their patients and settle them into their new space.”

Registered Nurse Rebecca Dadich said with the goal to start moving patients at 10am, everyone was supporting each other from the outset.

“We started at A3c then came here (D3d) to make sure the rooms were prepped and ready to accept patients,” Rebecca said.

“They then started coming in one after another. We had a lot of support; there were a lot of people on the floor so I could help accept the patients, set them up and move onto the next.

“The nurse came with them, so too did their families.”

She said patients were quite impressed with their new surrounds.

“They think it’s so fancy. And there’s a lot of room; it’s beautiful, very high-tech and all the facilities are there for us to use.”

And challenges? “There were certainly some learnings on the day,” Rebecca said. “But I thought the move was very smooth.”

Supported by the COU team, Westmead Redevelopment and a removalist, the relocation to D3d represented an important step in Westmead Redevelopment’s stage two refurbishment program across Westmead Hospital.

Please contact the Westmead Redevelopment team on 1800 990 296 if you have any queries.

Welcome to D3d ... Acting Nurse Educator Maridy Morrison and Registered Nurse Rebecca Dadich.

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